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Skeletal Avenger Hack’n’Slashes Its Way in to Early Access

Finnish indie game developer and publisher 10tons released their skill-based roguelite hack’n’slash dungeon crawler, Skeletal Avenger on Steam early access. Revenge is the name of the game that one will embark upon as they unleash absolute vengeance against the one who assassinated the skeletal champion.

Death was unexpected and only the beginning for this skeleton. Now brought back only to find out he was murder, he must do the bidding of a cloaked individual so he can have his revenge. Players can decapitate the skeletal warrior to do special attacks with the currently equipped hat determining the effect.

As one ascends from the depths of the procedural levels they will find ever increasingly powerful gear. Along the way one will also collect some coin that can be used to buy upgrades. No matter how many enemies or how much loot is found, the goal always remains the same, to avenge his murder.

In the early access release there are two of the four planned biomes, the dungeon and sewers, available. The final launch date is still open, but the plan is to have a short early access period. According to the developer the game is quite far in the development process and the current launch window for full release is before Summer 2021. This time frame is subject to change, however, in any scenario the early access period will be measured in months. When the final version is ready, the game will be released on current and next-gen consoles.

Currently about 40% of the game’s final content is in the current version. The top-down game can be played solo or in simple 2-4 player local co-op. Players should note that the co-op gameplay is functional, but it still lacks the polishing so the experience is not optimal at this time.

During the early access period 10tons is welcoming player feedback and their game logs which can be sent from inside the game. While the big features are considered set in stone, these logs and feedback will help balance the game better.

Skeletal Avenger is available on Windows PC through Steam early access for $16.99 USD. A special 10% off early access launch promotion runs until May 5, 2021. For more information about Skeletal Avenger visit the game’s website at

Skeletal Avenger Early Access Launch Trailer | 10tons

10tons (@10tonsLtd Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Tampere, Finland. Founded in 2003, the studio’s mission is to create games that are enjoyable on a wide variety of platforms including mobile, console, and PC. As a fully independent studio, the company both develops and publishes their own games while being 100% self-funded.