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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Roman Baths Update is Scrubbing Some Balls Clean

Exit Plan Games released the Roman Baths Update, a free update for their early access 3D action platformer Bang-On Balls: Chronicles. Available on Steam, the self-developed and self-published platformer added a whole new area below the current Viking Age map that takes players to a secret Roman Baths dungeon.

While the developers are busy working on a whole new level for the game, they also felt they could squeeze just a little bit more out of the current Viking Age map. This area and update includes some new mechanics, new items, new challenges and even a new boss. At least two balls are needed to enter game and those who can conquer the Roman Baths will be granted new items to play with.

Those unfamiliar with the game only need to know that this 3D action platformer is all about being a reckless hero, by oneself or sometimes with others, while playing across historically themed levels. Historical accuracy isn’t guaranteed, but players will get a strong dose of memes. Taking inspiration from the best games in the genre that includes Italian plumbers, a blue hedgehog, and a bear with a bird on its backpack, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles will surely deliver some great laughs and fun.

At the start of the early access launch approximately 25% of the content and 50% of the features are available. There is one level, the Viking Age map, with a Viking theme that is available to play. A second level is under development and on the way. There is a full-fledged tutorial, a sandbox lobby for players to explore and get a sneak preview of what is to come. According to the released roadmap after the Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Roman Baths Update is a new multiplayer minimap is scheduled for Q3 and a Space Race Update which includes a brand new map to explore is planned for Q4. Currently the studio aims for a Q4 2022 full release.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is available as an early access Windows PC game on Steam for $14.99 USD. For more information about Bang-On Balls: Chronicles follow @bangonballs on Twitter or visit the game’s website

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles – Roll Out Trailer | Exit Plan Games

Exit Plan Games (@ExitPlanGames Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded by Damien Monnier and Jose Teixeira, the studio consists of less than 10 employees who want to deliver fun games with fresh concepts. Currently the studio is developing their first Steam title Bang-On Balls: Chronicles.