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Project Lilith Announcement Trailer

Soro Games and PlayWay released the announcement trailer for their upcoming souls-like action RPG adventure Project Lilith. The trailer features a third-person view of a land filled with demons, undead, and other hell spawn and their total annihilation.

In the Project Lilith trailer, viewable below, viewers get a peak into the combat, look, and feel of the 3D game world. The story is that of a cursed and betrayed individual. Now with the power of anger and rage they seek vengeance. Lilith is the ultimate target of this rage as she is the oppressor. To get to her one will have to journey through various lands full of enemies that will need to be eliminated.

Players have the option to gather and use different types of weapons. One can choose to go sword and shield or dual wield massive swords for their slaying adventure. Other weapons include big smash-it-all maces and ranges bows and arrows. While weapons is one method to destroy one’s enemies, there are alternatives. Using one’s rage and with the help of learning new spells players can unleash powerful magic attacks.

The combat system encourages players to be ferocious, ruthless and stylish as they kill everything in sight. Using different combos, blocks, counters and finishers players can rid the lands of hell spawn. Also, each weapon behaves differently allowing for different variations.

When in dungeons, players will want to fully scout out the place for loot. Besides loot drops from enemy kills, new equipment and consumables can be found to help aid in the quest for vengeance. Along the way one will run into various traders who are willing to trade, buy and sell various items. One should remember in these lands both quality and vengeance comes at a cost.

Altars of Power allow players to craft new equipment. Legendary ingredients can be found throughout the lands that enable players to create the most powerful of items.

The game is being developed on the Unreal Engine. With the frequent violence or gore the game’s developers included a general mature content warning that the game may not be appropriate for all ages or viewing at work.

Project Lilith has a yet to be announced release date. Players can follow and the game to their Steam wishlist now. For more information about Project Lilith visit the game’s Steam page.

Project Lilith – Official Announcement Trailer | Soro Games

Soro Games (@soro_games_sa Twitter) is a Warsaw, Poland based independent game developer. The studio is a group of friends who have been working together for almost a decade who are now pursing their dream of creating great games that people will love and talk about using the Unreal Engine. Currently the studio is focused on two projects Renovators and Project Lilith.

PlayWay S.A. (@Play_Way Twitter) is the second largest producer and publisher of video games in Poland and one of the top in Europe. Founded in 2011 by Krzysztof Kostowski with a goal to build games for all platforms, the company since has released over 70 games for the world marketplace.