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Eggcelerate! Racing Game Drives on To Steam

Indie game developer Tim Beaudet who is also known for his Twitch game development streams has released his time-trial racing game Eggcelerate! on Steam. The title challenges players to deliver eggs in one piece in time for Easter.

Obstacles are everywhere and the Easter Bunny needs players help delivering eggs. Lucky for players if they break an egg or two they can always try again and again. Odds are one will crack-up laughing or crying while they try to improve their egg delivery time without dropping their egg.

Each track features a colorfully cute low-poly art style and a bunch of challenging obstacles. One might even say these obstacles are devious as they include sharp ramps, loops, hammers, windmills, bumps, and punching gloves. The physics is strong in this 3D racing world and will offer players of all types a challenge to keep their egg intact.

Completing a course’s challenges can unlock new cars, eggs, and bowls. Players can then egg-periment with different combinations to find their favorite. There are also a bunch of achievements to collect along the way.

The idea for the game was created and conceptualized during LudumDare 46, a game jam, and it proved to be an entertaining project. In the end the prototype ranked in the top 1% for fun which led to the full development of the game just in time for Easter 2021.

Eggcelerate! is available on PC for Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam for $7.99 USD. A 25% off release promotion is currently running until April 6, 2021 that prices the game at $5.99 USD. For more information visit the game’s Steam page or watch Tim Beaudet’s game development live streams on Twitch.

Eggcelerate! Steam Release Date Trailer | Tim Beaudet

Tim Beaudet (@timbeaudet Twitter) is an indie game developer who streams his game development process live every day as a member of the Live Coders team on Twitch. This allows him to create racing games while motivating and inspiring other developers to create their own projects. As an indie developer, Eggcelerate! is his first project, however, previously Beaudet spent over five years in the game industry working on various titles including Rock Band 3 and Darkest of Days. Beaudet also has a YouTube channel where he discusses several game development topics.