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Cloud Gardens Xbox News, Industrial PC Update

Indie developer Noio has released an Industrial Update for their relaxing ruin reclamation early access game Cloud Gardens. Also with the Industrial Update release came the announcement that Cloud Gardens is heading to the Xbox console later this year.

Known for the Kingdom series, Noio’s Cloud Gardens has been an “Overwhelmingly Positive” hit on Steam with 97% of the nearly 800 reviews being positive. The premise of the game is the end of the world is here, but that doesn’t stop plants from growing. Each environment is both a surreal and atmospheric setting of urban decay.

The industrial update is big, but it’s based on a simple idea: turn a factory into a forest. We’re digging deeper into Cloud Gardens’ central theme of reclamation and care. Plus, it’s super fun!

Thomas van den Berg, Creator of Cloud Gardens

In Update #4 both industrial levels and controller support have been added. There are 14 new levels and over 50 new industrial items. The Pine Tree is a new plant available. Gamepads are now supported with a complete UI overhaul and a gardening glove cursor. Players should take note that not all of the input hints have been updated to show the thumbstick instead of mouse and this will be corrected soon. For a more complete list of changes including bug fixes and quality of life improvements in Update #4 visit the Steam link here.

Cloud Gardens is available on PC and Mac in early access on Steam for $11.99 USD. The Cloud Gardens Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One release is planned for later in 2021. More information about Cloud Gardens can be found by visiting the game’s Steam page.

Cloud Gardens Industrial Update Trailer | Noio
Cloud Gardens Xbox Announce Trailer | Noio

Noio (@noio_games Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Amsterdam. Founded by Thomas van den Berg who likes to create games, work on code, art and loves the magic that happens when all those things come together since 2007. The studio is known for its previous work on Kingdom: Classic and Kingdom: New Lands.