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Out of Sight Keeps Relaxation In Sight

Indie developer NinjaDuck Games have released their self-published hidden object game Out of Sight on Steam for PC gamers. Designed to help one unwind, the game lets players search for hidden objects at their own relaxing pace.

Gameplay is very simple. In fact it is just a mouse click in Out of Sight. Each 3D scene is a vibrant world filled with various objects that one might find in very common settings. From a barnyard farm to the room of an average gamer fan, each world contains hidden secrets for the player to find. Once enough objects are found on a given level, the player can advanced to the next level. If the player desires, they can stick around on the current level.

There is the option for the player to just check out the views and chill out to the lofi soundtrack. Produced by Purrple Cat, the soundtrack features over 50 minutes of hand-picked beats that maintain the zen-like ambience. After those stressful adrenaline-filled FPS or battle royale gaming sessions, Out of Sight becomes a great game for gamers to help themselves unwind.

Out of Sight is available on Windows PC through Steam for $5.99 USD. For more information about Out of Sight visit the game’s Steam page or the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Out of Sight – Launch Trailer | NinjaDuck Games

NinjaDuck Games (@NinjaDuck_Games Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. Founded in 2018, the studio released their first Steam title, Keep Watching, as a horror VR game in that same year. In 2021, the studio released its second Steam title, a hidden object relaxation game, Out of Sight.