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Eternal Return: Black Survival Ranked Rewards

Indie developer Nimble Neuron has revealed some of the ranked rewards for their MOBA Battle Royale survival hybrid Eternal Return: Black Survival. Currently available on Steam, the early access game is free to play title with optional DLC that unlocks more characters.

Recently, the early access title reached over 50,000 concurrent players. The game has been featured in tournaments and showcased by streamers of all levels. Some of the prominent competitive players and influencers include OfflineTV’s Scarra, TSM’s Dyrus, and CLG’s HotshotGG.

The developer has announced some of the ranked rewards for Eternal Return: Black Survival. Players who work their way up the ranked ladder can claim unique and limited skins along with other other prizes. Those who end the season in the Gold tier or above will be awarded a new Cadet skin for Yuki.

Released in October 2020, the game features a beautiful anime aesthetic that operates as a 3D parallel world of the 2D Black Survival point-and-click real-time survival game. The game features both MOBA and Battle Royale elements in a complete survival scenario with 18 players in combat against each other. Out on the battlefield both strategy and crafting play a critical role in gaining the edge necessary for victory.

Eternal Return: Black Survival is available in early access on Steam as a free to play game with in app purchases. A Starter Pack DLC is available for $29.99 USD that unlocks 8 characters: Hyunwoo, Magnus, Fiora, Nadine, Zahir, Isol, Li Dailin, and Yuki. The game’s soundtrack is available for $2.99 USD. For more information about Eternal Return: Black Survival visit or follow @_EternalReturn_ on Twitter.

Eternal Return – Beta Test Trailer | Nimble Neuron

Nimble Neuron is an independent game developer based in South Korea. The company originally started out as O’ol Blue Inc in 2013 while working on Mighty Quest. Later the studio went on to create Hunters League and MINImax Tinyverse before rebranding and starting work on Eternal Return: Black Survival.