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Weekly Rewind: February 27, 2021

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for February 27, 2021 where we cover stories and events that we missed over the past week.

This past week saw several game launches which included the early access exit for the roguelite Curse of the Dead Gods However and outdoor living sim Lumberjack’s Dynasty. During the week there were also several new game announcements. Two games NGN missed are the co-op puzzle title Couch Monsters and a survival horror titled Dark Moonlight. Valve tried to dodge the Epic Games and Apple legal feud however the courts ruled otherwise.

Other stories posted this past week on Nano Gaming News include brand new gameplay video from fps KUR that is being developed by Ready Ragdoll Studios and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Full Screen Games has released their first major update for Bugvasion TD that adds more localizations and balancing changes. Termeno Studios released their 2D action platformer Oracle Trials that features cute 2D art with a mighty swing.

Couch Monsters – Trailer | Crunchy, Munch and Partners

Couch Monsters Co-op Puzzle Game Releasing in Late March

Crunchy, Munch and Partners have announced that their self-published light-heart co-op physics puzzle game, Couch Monsters, is coming to PC in late March. The goal is simple, players try to reach the red comfy couch on each level.

There are three things a player can do: run, jump, and eat huge boxes. Each box a monster eats the other spits out. The faster boxes are eaten the faster they are spit out. This can be used as an advantage as spitting against a wall will send the player in the opposite direction. In other words, spitting boxes at walls can be used to maneuver across a given level.

Couch Monsters will launch on March 24, 2021 on Steam for $14.99 USD. A 33% launch discount will be available the first week. On April 4, 2021 the game will be available on For more information about the game follow @couchMonsters on Twitter.

Dark Moonlight – Official Trailer | Black Rose Projects

Dark Moonlight Survival Horror Game Announced

Black Rose Projects and developer Silent Bear Studio have announced a new PC entry into the survival horror genre with Dark Moonlight. Inspired by the Black Mirror TV series and games like Outlast, Resident Evil and Silent Hill, this game is going after gamer’s deepest hidden fears.

Players find themselves in the shoes of a Dave Kellerman who is haunted by constant fear. Desperate for help, the player undergoes an experimental treatment that was supposed to be perfectly safe and effective. Or so the doctors claimed. Now awake in an unfamiliar and horrifying reality players will need to fight their fears or give into the madness staying forever afraid.

Dark Moonlight has a yet to be announced release date. Players can add the game to their wishlist on Steam where all the latest information about the game can found.

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite – #FreeFortnite | Epic Games

Valve Gets Dragged into the Epic Games and Apple Legal Fray

Last week NGN brought up that Valve might get dragged into the Epic Games and Apple legal fight. This week that might is now a court order to comply.

On Wednesday, Judge Thomas Hixson ordered Valve to comply with Apple’s request for yearly sales and pricing data on 436 games that are available on their distribution platform, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. Previously Apple had requested the data so that it can better define the video game market as the company makes its case against Epic Games. Apple claimed the data from Valve is crucial to their case whereas Valve had countered that they do not compete in the mobile app market like Apple, Google, and Samsung does.

Epic Games did suffer a setback in the United Kingdom where the company had taken their case to the Competition Appeal Tribunal, the country’s antitrust judiciary, in hopes that the removal of Fortnite from the App Store would be unlawful. In the tribunals ruling they cited that the case in the United States would be a more appropriate venue for the case. However, Epic Games can still pursue Google which also removed Fortnite from their app store.

Currently Epic Games is taking legal action in the United States and Australia over their app store war with Apple in addition to a complaint filed in the UK. Later in 2021 as disclosed from an October 2020 court filling the Epic Games versus Apple case in the United States will be heading to a bench trial on May 3rd. A pretrial conference is scheduled for April 21, 2021.

Thank you for reading the February 27, 2021 Edition of the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind. Don’t forget to check back with us next week for the next edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind and until then, keep on gaming.

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