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TinyShot Is a Savage 2D Arcade Shooter

Indie game developer Allaith “ZAX” Hammed and publisher Headup Games have released their rogue-like 2D arcade shooter TinyShot on PC. The is a savagely cute journey into the underworld.

Meet a boy named Tiny who wanted to become famous, loved and generally awesome. This boy signed a deal with the devil to recover his lost horn. Now Tiny has to go down to the underworld to recover the horn. Tiny isn’t going alone as he is bringing an arsenal of weapons to slash and shoot his way through wave after wave of oddly cute enemies.

The game is the debut title for ZAX. TinyShot is a tribute to his favorite developer Edmund McMillen who is known for his visual styles, the side-scroller Super Meat Boy, and roguelike title The Binding of Isaac.

Because I really liked The Binding of Isaac & Super Meat Boy back when it came out, I took inspiration from both of them, and what came out was the prototype that (Headup) saw at the indie expo. Overall, the creation of TinyShot and releasing an actual game is the most motivating and interesting thing I’ve done.

Allaith “Zax” Hammed, TinyShot Creator and Developer

Each level equips the player with various guns and melee weapons to brutally wipeout the waves of enemies in the area. On the battlefield additional random items can be picked up to aid in the journey. With gameplay players will learn the areas and mechanics such as the grapple gun and dash to move around more smoothly. Dodging and avoiding enemies are equally important as it is to blast them into the beyond.

The art aesthetic of TinyShot combines a mix of realistic nature elements with cartoonish characters and creatures in a 2D environment. Overall the game’s feel was specifically designed to satisfy the player while still presenting challenging boss battles and enemies.

TinyShot is now available on Steam and Humble Bundle for PC for $9.99 USD. A special launch promotion that knocks 10% off the price runs until February 26, 2021. Previously console releases were mentioned for 2021 and at this time there is no new information to report on consoles releases for TinyShot. More information about TinyShot can be found on the developer’s website here.

A Look at TinyShot | Headup Games

Allaith “ZAX” Hammed (@allaith_hammed Twitter) is a young and passionate game developer and creator. After moving to the Netherlands from war-torn Syria, ZAX following his passion that has been with him since the age of seven, began his work on creating games. TinyShot is his first publisher-supported commercial title and is inspired by the works of Edmund McMillen.

Headup Games (@HeadupGames Twitter) is a hybrid game developer and publisher. The 2009 established company provides players worldwide with gaming content from the indie gaming sector. Active on all major platforms, Headup was awarded the “Best Publisher” title in 2012, 2013, 2017, and 2019 at the German Developer Awards.

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