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Bugvasion TD Classic Tower Defense Against Bugs

Full Screen Games have launched their own take on the tower defense genre with bugs in Bugvasion TD. After two years of work, the indie studio brings a Micro Machines look to the genre with colorful levels and quirky sci-fi enemies in their debut title.

Aliens have possessed bugs. Now the bugs are coming for the player in their own homes. Players will fight back or at the minimum stave off their attack room by room of their own home. All of the home’s surroundings are fair game for environmental advantage. There are 20 colorful levels spread across the house from the basement all the way to the attic.

Unlike most tower defense games where players build towers and call it a day, Bugvasion TD requires players to manage their towers. From replacing canisters to keeping batteries running, players will need to take an active role with their towers. Special attacks can chain or combo. In other words players should try setting things on fire or electrocuting them to see what might cause a chain reaction.

As levels are completed players will collect tech points. The points can be spent to unlock new technologies that grant new towers and new special attacks.

With the 1.0 launch also came a brief roadmap. In the short term, next one or two months, the developer plans to do more fine tuning, bug fixing, add Steam achievements, Steam Remote Play, and more localizations including Hungarian, Portuguese, French, and Russian. Long term or in 4-8 months, the developer is planning a port to Linux and Mac in addition to a free DLC that adds more levels plus seasonal events.

Bugvasion TD is available now on Steam for $6.99 USD. A 10% off launch promotion runs until February 24, 2021. The game is available for Windows PC and was made with the Unity game engine. For more information visit the game’s Steam page or the developer’s game page here.

Bugvasion TD – Final Release Trailer | Full Screen Games

Full Screen Games (@FullScreenGame1 Twitter) is a game development and animation studio based in Budapest, Hungary. The company is a division of Full Screen Studio that offers services as a studio including animations for tv shows, events, projection mapping, opening title designs and other similar projects in addition to becoming a game developer.