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Hidden Shelter First-Person Horror Story

Developed and produced by White Vortex, Hidden Shelter takes players on wild survival horror story with a focus on exploration. In addition the game features mystery and a deadly enemy.

Presented in first-person, the game tells the story of three friends and the aftermath of an automobile accident. A sudden bright white flash and then the car crashed. Friend Charles, the driver, and Bernard have lost sight of Diego, his little brother. Charles wants to go for help, there is a strange noise in the woods, and Bernard doesn’t want to leave his brother behind. The two venture to a mansion in the woods and now must stay alive by avoiding a sinister being that lives there.

Players are driven to survive while exploring and putting together the pieces of a dark puzzle. There are many variables such as the cause of the accident, a strange creature, and the mansion’s own history that all seem to have some connection or common thread. Depending upon a players choices and actions they will unlock one of two available endings.

We made this game with only two people. Tiago and I spent 6 to 7 months working on it. It was a huge effort to create and publish it. We hope that everyone can have fun with what we did.

Renan Barreto, Hidden Shelter Creative Director

The game is voiced by Guilherme Vieira as Charles, André Bedran as Bernardo and David Tavares as Diego. Vieira is known for his role as young Tonicoson of Mariana Ximenes in Chocolate com Pimenta from TV Globo. Hidden Shelter was developed with the Unreal Engine and features localizations for Brazilian Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

We shared all the work. While I was doing the animations, Renan was doing the Level Design; when I was programming the AI, he was creating the arts and positioning the events. It was hard work. It was a challenge.

Tiago Neri, Hidden Shelter Programmer

Hidden Shelter is available on Steam for $8.90 USD. The game supports Windows PC. Controller support was added in the recent 2.1 patch. For more information about Hidden Shelter visit the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Hidden Shelter Launch Trailer | White Vortex

White Vortex (@WVX_Games Twitter) is an independent game studio. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the studio consists of a two developer team, Renan Barreto and Tiago Neri. In June 2020 the studio released their first title Order from Caos on Steam. The studio’s second title, Hidden Shelter, recently released on Steam.