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Fishkeeper Has Chill Lofi Soundtrack

Indie developer Blinkclick Games have released a compilation soundtrack of the chill lofi-hop beats featured in their aquarium sim game Fishkeeper. The super chill video is just shy of 33 minutes and features fish swimming in a virtual aquarium, Koinu the Doggy Diver, and a Maneki-neko cat.

Self-described as an “underwater Tamagotchi,” the game features a full 3D aquarium simulation with a mix of economic strategy. The shared music compilation is one soundtrack style available in Fishkeeper. Blinkclick Games has also announced that players will be able to upload their own music files and even listen to the radio in game.

Alongside the soundtrack compilation release, the developer released several new screenshots. Two tank styles are shown, the cylinder tank and a rounded corner traditional rectangle aquarium. In all the screenshots a variety of colorful fish and decorative elements can be seen. A few screens also show a shrimp which indicates that there will be more than just fish available for one’s aquarium.

The general goal of Fishkeeper is to become a professional aquarist. Players are allowed to show off their creativity in their aquarium designs. In addition players will be caring for and maintaining multiple aquariums where they can buy and sell the best specimens at auctions. As one develops their aquatic empire they will earn more money to buy better equipment, bigger tanks, and rare species of marine life.

Fishkeeper will launch on Steam when it is released. Currently the game is planned for a last quarter 2021 release. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam where they can also learn more information about the game.

Chill with Fishkeeper’s Lofi Hop Beats | Blinkclick Games

Blinkclick Games (@BlinkclickG Twitter) is a game development studio based in Cracow, Poland. The studio’s team is comprised of video game enthusiasts that have professional experience from companies that include Artifex Mundi, 7LEVELS and Reality Games. In addition the studio runs the game design blog and the mobile strategy games website