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Astrokicker Is a Shoot’em Up Early Access Bullet Storm

Independent developer Quadrivo Software is inviting players for some retro arcade-like shoot’em up early access action in Astrokicker. Bringing a new twist on the classic genre this space fighter game also mixes in some power ups and a full story for a non-stop bullet storm adventure.

Grab a console-style controller since keyboard and mouse are not supported and cut loose with the Astrokicker Mk19 space fighter. Players can maneuver their fighter all over the top-down battlefield using both front and rear blasters. Utilizing high-G burns one can escape a devastating enemy attack or get into position to blast a high-threat target.

Nukes can be deployed to wipe out relentless waves of enemies. Destroying starbases can clear warp fields and avoiding various hazards such as space mines and asteroids are just a few things one will be doing when clearing a level. As the action ramps up, players have access to an array of deadly weapons and capabilities that make stuff go boom while still keeping the fighter intact.

Booster fuel can be recovered from blasted asteroid spills and ship damage can be repaired by flying into clouds of nano-particles left over in the ruins of enemy fighters. To fully destroy a star base one will need to wipe out all six of their turrets. If a player happens to have a mystical power, a star base can be destroyed with a perfect shot to the core. With four difficulties and 100 levels players will have lots of bullet filled action as they reveal the secret devious plot of the K’thari Host.

In modern mode the game’s ships are rendered with 3D graphics while the background features beautiful parallax scrolling scenes. For a more retro look, players can enable retro mode for that nostalgic 1980s arcade look, sound, and feel.

Astrokicker is available on Steam early access for $9.99 USD. A special early access launch promotion runs until February 5, 2021 that knocks 15% off the game’s regular price. For more information about Astrokicker visit the game’s Steam page.

Astrokicker Trailer | Quadrivo Software

Quadrivo Software (@QuadrivoS Twitter) is an independent mobile and desktop game developer. Founded in 2019 by Lee Lorenz, who has nearly 40 years of industry experience with his first game sold in 1983, the company also offers software solutions for other applications.