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Dyson Sphere Program Early Access Space Management

Indie developer Youthcat Studio and publisher Gamera Game have released their early access sci-fi space automation game Dyson Sphere Program on Steam. The early access launch comes just a month after the conclusion of a successful Kickstarter campaign that received 135% of its original funding goal.

The combined elements of space exploration and factory automation elements within a 3D sci-fi sandbox are what is at the core of the game’s design. First theorized in the 1950s by physicist Freeman Dyson, the Dyson Sphere, is capable of harnessing the energy output of a whole star. In game, players act as an engineer of the space alliance COSMO. They are tasked with constructing the Dyson Sphere megastructure that will require the resources of multiple planets to create.

Utilizing the mecha Icarus, players will explore a procedurally generated universe, build resource gathering facilities on many unique worlds, and connect constructions with an interstellar logistic network in a galaxy-wide production empire. New technologies can be researched to improve both the Icarus and to learn better techniques for gathering more energy. All of this effort is needed to accomplish the final goal of constructing a Dyson Sphere.

During the early access phase of the game, players will have all of the core gameplay features at their disposal. Players are able to explore the universe, build facilities, mine resources, design galactic-wide production lines, research new technologies, and build the Dyson Sphere. While exploring space various celestial bodies can be discovered including neutron stars, white dwarfs and planets.

Currently a single playthrough can take between 50 and 100 hours. The time is dependent upon how much time a player spends exploring. The sandbox is fully there for players in early access. Players can either spend their whole time constructing the Dyson Sphere as fast as possible with the most efficient logistic network or they can stop and explore the beauty of the universe with the help of Icarus.

Dyson Sphere Program is now available in early access on Steam for $19.99 USD. A special early access launch promotion runs until January 27, 2021 that discounts the game by 10%. For more information about Dyson Sphere Program visit the game’s Steam page or follow @DysonProgram on Twitter.

Dyson Sphere Program Release Date Announcement Trailer | Gamera Game

Youthcat Studio is a small indie game development studio based in Chongqing, China. The five member team shares a passion for video games that has led them to explore and improve new concepts with a single goal in mind and that is to delight players.

Gamera Game (@game_gamera Twitter) is a Shanghai-based video game publisher. Founded in 2018 the company focuses on publishing services for indie games. The team aims to help game developers by viewing their role as a sidekick and because of that the company has worked with dozens of indie developers around the world.