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Astroneer Update 1.18 and Merchandise Store

System Era Softworks has released Update 1.18 for its space exploration and base-building sandbox game Astroneer. Along with this update comes the launch of the official System Era Merch Store that features fun and unique items.

Update 1.18 is available on all platforms that brings a new emote selection wheel, updated Astropedia information, Astropedia quick access, resource nugget updates to improve performance, and pre-loading of assets for the Astroneer Second Anniversary. The anniversary event kicks off on February 1, 2021 and will include a party hat for those that play the game during a particular timeframe.

In addition several new cosmetic items have been added to the in game store. Four new emotes, three new color palettes, two new visors, a new mask, and the Orbital Headlamp Hat that resembles a halo are all the newest additions to the store.

Lastly there were several bug fixes that have been included in Update 1.18. Of the fixes two important bugs with printers have been addressed. Printers that were not auto-pulling resources directly from canisters and crafting modules on the same platform have been fixed. The other printer bug of players continuing to hear the printer sound effect if they left the area before the printer finished printing in a multiplayer game has been fixed. A complete list of patch changes can be found here.

Astroneer - Merchandise | System Era Softworks
Astroneer – Merchandise | System Era Softworks

The System Era Merchandise Store is now live. Currently the store features a handful of items with many more fun and unique items coming in the next few months. On the store right now there is a patch and sticker set, water bottle, poster set, cloth bandana and key chain all themed to the Astroneer game. Items are limited and some have already sold out at the time of this article. To visit the store go to

Astroneer is available on Humble Bundle or Steam for PC and the Xbox One and PS4 consoles for $29.99 USD. For more information about Astroneer visit the game’s website at or follow @astroneergame on Twitter.

System Era Softworks (@SES_dev Twitter) is an independent game development studio based out of Seattle, Washington. Inspired by space-exploration and possessing an optimistic view of space-age futurism, the System Era Softworks team strives to build games that motivate future generations of spacefarers.

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