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The Detective Chapters: Part One Release Date Set

A release date has been set for story-rich first-person detective adventure, The Detective Chapters: Part One, from Mayhem Games USA and developer Adam Gibson. Next week Windows PC users will be able to explore and learn that choices matter in this two part story.

In this detective mystery adventure players will find themselves entering the role of an aspiring detective trying to make a name for themselves. Life however seems to be heading in all the wrong directions for the detective. Their mother is a drug-addicted alcoholic and their father died under mysterious circumstances. Plus there is a girlfriend who is putting major pressure on the character to return to school. As a college dropout and working the graveyard shift at a convenience store it is up to the player to choose their path to happiness and find answers to dead and buried secrets.

All the details around the fathers supposedly suicide are lacking the proper evidence. When the main character came home from school on the horrible day, they found their father dead in the garage with the car engine running and doors closed.

Core features of the first-person point and click adventure include an interactive environment and a darkly gritty atmosphere. The deep story narrative features multiple dialogue choices that will determine outcome of the story. With the nature of the story the game is intended for mature audiences as it deals with controversial subject matter.

The Detective Chapters: Part One release date is set for January 22, 2021. Players will be able to purchase the game on Steam when the game launches. Currently a free to play demo is available on Steam.

The Detective Chapters: Part One Official Teaser Trailer | Mayhem Games USA

Mayhem Games USA (@MayhemGamesUSA Twitter) is a solo development team based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2012 by Adam Gibson, the studio has previously Barter Empire on Steam in 2015. Currently, the studio is focused on their latest project The Detective Chapters: Part One.