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Dandy Ace Demo Creator’s Preview Event

In preparation ahead of the Q1 2021 launch of Dandy Ace, developer Mad Mimic Interactive and publisher Neowiz have launched the Creator’s Preview Event with the latest Dandy Ace demo. The newest feature for the roguelike title called Magic Mirror Mode enables a streamer’s viewers to take on the role of the game’s antagonist Lele.

Starting January 11 and running until January 25, 2021 the Creator’s Preview Event allows all players to download the Dandy Ace Demo and participate in the event. By enabling Twitch Mode from the Custom Mode menu, streamers who go live, will allow their audiences through Twitch Chat to influence the challenges that Ace will face on the Cursed Mirror.

From things like spawning random enemies to blocking potion usage players have many things at their disposal. More devious viewers will even turn some of Ace’s own spells against him. Each run will enable a randomly chosen viewer for this task who can also choose to drop Twitch Cupcakes into the game map that will either heal or poison Ace upon consumption.

Besides just taking on the role of Ace’s nemesis Lele, viewers will also be able to taunt or encourage the player upon death. Votes can be utilized to determine Ace’s path through the Cursed Mirror and viewers will have power of what rewards are available at the Reward Tent between levels. Generous viewers can opt to drop specific spell cards for Ace to use against his foes.

For those unfamiliar with Dandy Ace the game is an over the top fast-paced roguelike that follows a flash magician known as Dandy Ace. He uses his magical cards while fighting and looting his way through the Cursed Mirror where his competitor and jealous nemesis the green-eyed illusionist Lele has trapped Ace. In the Cursed Mirror players have access to different cards that combine for over a thousand possibilities giving players new challenges and combinations to explore as the fight back against Lele and his minions.

Dandy Ace is planned for a Q1 2021 launch this February on Steam. The Dandy Ace Demo is available during the Creator’s Preview Event that runs from January 11 until January 25, 2021 on Steam.

Dandy Ace Trailer | Mad Mimic

Mad Mimic Interactive (@MadMimic Twitter) is a game development studio founded by Luis Fernando Tashiro and Luís Gustavo Sampaio. The award winning indie game developer is based in São Paulo, Brazil. Their first title, No Heroes Here, has seen more than 15 nominations and awards in both the Brazilian and international markets.

NEOWIZ (@neowizglobal Twitter) is a leading developer and publisher in South Korea. The Korean based headquarters are located in Seongnam – Pangyo, South Korea, and the company’s global publishing headquarters are located in Seattle. Founded in 1997 the company has worked on a wide range of projects including FIFA OnlineNBA Street, and Battlefield Online.