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Stellar Monarch 2 Space Empire Builder Announced

Silver Lemur Games has announced the sequel to Stellar Monarch, their 4X asymmetric grand space empire builder with Stellar Monarch 2. The follow up title is expected to enter early access in 2021 as a fast-paced turn-based feudal space empire builder with asymmetrical game mechanics.

Players are now the Emperor and Head of the Royal Dynasty. It will be critical for players to keep in check the other Great Houses. One will need to ensure the loyalty and obedience from their Barons and Dukes so that they are assets to the empire and not obstacles to overcome.

Ministers and Advisors can be appointed from the imperial court. When doing so one will want to take into account their appointees competence, loyalty and family connections. Utilizing this feudal system in space, players can build a strong empire to fend off assassins, traitors, usurpers, rebels and even an alien threat.

The game puts the player in the role of the emperor and not a logistics officer. There will be no micromanagement or moving around of individual ships as the emperor has more important things to handle. From granting audiences to deciding production priorities the fate of the empire is in the players hands.

When dealing with threats, the game presents an asymmetric AI system. What this means for players is that the AI plays by a different set of rules and does not try to win the game. Instead, for example the aliens, are more like creatures living in the galaxy rather than computer controlled players. Not all aliens are created equal, so some may become valuable assets and others will need a swift action against them.

Stellar Monarch 2 is expected to enter early access on Steam at some point in 2021. Interested players can wishlist the game now. For the latest information on Stellar Monarch and it’s expansion visit the game’s website.

Silver Lemur Games (@SilverLemur Twitter) is an indie studio founded by Chris (Krzysztof) KoŸmik in 2005. The studio is accompanied by long term contractors and a few volunteers that aim to bring joy and fun to players while specializing in turn-based strategies and RPGs for PC. Previous titles released by the studio include Stellar Monarch, Automobile Tycoon, and Legends of Amberland.