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Actor Tycoon 2 Talent Management Sim on Steam

Indie development studio A-Line Games has released their talent agency management sim Actor Tycoon 2 on Steam. The 2D game launches as a sequel to the mobile hit Actor Tycoon where players explored the adventures and misfortunes of running a talent agency.

Jumping into the game players will find themselves as the head of a fledgling talent agency. At the start, one will need to hire their first unknown talent and build their business from the ground up.

Every scouted talent will present new opportunities for growth. However, when scouting new talent, one should be warned that they will have peculiar personalities and unique quirks. Some of these quirks may include massive egos or some form of an addiction that will require weeks of rehab and loss of income. From the surprisingly funny to the very random there will be various events that may require intervention to save the talent from trouble.

As a head of the talent agency, players will need to find their talent the best roles while negotiating lucrative contracts and commissions. Reputation in the film industry is key while also offering opportunities to mingle with the stars and enjoy the glamourous lifestyle as an agent of the stars. With better reputation and top tier talent one can win the top industry awards.

With time and effort the talent agency will expand and unlocking new skills. There are several different business locations to choose from which will allow for specialization in film, TV and theater making each gameplay different.

Actor Tycoon 2 is available on Windows and Mac through Steam for $9.99 USD. A launch promotion discount of 10% runs until January 13, 2021 on Steam. For more information about Actor Tycoon 2 visit the game’s website at or join the game’s Discord.

Actor Tycoon 2 Announcement Trailer | Alain Xalabarde

A-Line Games is an indie game development studio based in Spain. Founded by multi-faceted creator, filmmaker and writer Alain Xalabarde, the studio found success with Arcade Tycoon on the mobile market in 2016.