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Misfits: End of Days Voxel-Based Survival Game

Indie developer Misfits Productions has announced the first details of their voxel-based sandbox survival game Misfits: End of Days. The developer’s stated goal for the game is unparalleled creativity and the ability to go anywhere while doing anything.

According to the developer, the game is similar to titles such as Minecraft and 7-Dats-To-Die, however differs with more realism and increased flexibility. The main feature of the game is the voxel-based building system and destructible terrain.

Many games have plain and simple zombies, Misfits: End of Days has something better. Players will want to dispose of zombies fast. As a zombie lives on, they will begin to mutate gaining increased powers as they become alien like creations. These upgraded zombies are both vicious and intelligent giving both PvP and PvE fans a real challenge. This particular monster mechanic gives the game unique monsters not found in many other similar survival titles.

The developer has also stated they plan to avoid the downfall and pitfalls of other crafting games with their poor multiplayer experience. Currently the plan is to provide a lag-free experience for up to a hundred players per server. Another key feature is the game will have a balancing system in place that allows for both solo players and clans to have a competitive game experience.

Other features include an in-depth class system, dynamic hunting systems, dynamic crafting systems with thousands of items, and intense PvE/PvP gameplay.

On the developer’s website there is a series of Development Journal entries that provide various scenes with a short description and concept art.

Misfits: End of Days currently is in its game development phase with no release date set. No information has been provided on what platforms beyond PC or on which digital distribution platforms the game will be available on at its release. For more information about Misfits: End of Days visit the game’s website at

Misfits Productions is an indie game development studio based in the United States. Currently the studio is working on their new voxel-based sandbox survival title Misfits: End of Days.