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Don’t Be Afraid Adventure Horror on Steam

Limo Games and publisher Hydra Games are taking players on a terrifying horror adventure with the release of Don’t Be Afraid on Steam. The game follows a young child in a first-person nightmarish reality.

Enter the world of 11-year old David. As a young boy, players are challenged to solve puzzles that have been prepared by David’s kidnapper Mr. Franklin.

Escape is everything. The desperation that David feels while hanging onto his sanity is overwhelming, In the mansion where the young boy is held captive is one big prison designed to make him suffer. As player’s follow David’s story they will experience a tale of an at large lunatic psychopath. Best advice for the player as David is to be a good boy and listen to the elders because those that came before him didn’t.

Don’t Be Afraid is available on on Steam for $13.99 USD. A special launch promotion that discounts the game by 15% runs until December 24. The Don’t Be Afraid – The First Toy prologue is available free to play on Steam.

Don’t Be Afraid Launch Trailer | Hydra Games

Limo Games is a game developer that has team members with extensive commercial experience in VR game and app development. Previously the studio had released ToMars on Google Play. Currently the studio is working closely with Hydra Games.

Hydra Games (@HydraGamesSA Twitter) is a producer and publisher of video games for PC and consoles based out of Poland. Projects from the company’s games aim to incorporate emotional narratives with social issues alongside interesting gameplay that includes lots of surprises.