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Forge and Fight! Sets Full Release Date on Steam

Swedish indie developer Flamebait Games is taking the hammer to the anvil as they work towards a full release date for Forge and Fight! in December. With increased performance, wackier physics, and overhauled matchmaking system players will be able to join in on the absurdity more easier than ever before.

Interested gamers need to mark the release date of December 2, on their calendar as Forge and Fight! will also be able for a free weekend of ludicrous shenanigans. Those unfamiliar with the studio’s multiplayer arena battle game will get to experience the free-for-all mayhem featuring up to eight players with their own devious forged creations.

We have listened to player feedback in Early Access and are now proud to release this final version of Forge and Fight! with improved performance, stability and physics, and a matchmaking system that instantly has you testing your unique weapon creations in battle. We’ve also significantly dropped the price to make the game more accessible to everyone who wants to play during this unprecedented year that has seen a lot more people spending more time indoors, including this winter.

Mattias Lindblad, Founder of Flamebait Games

Players enter the arena as a blacksmithing gladiator. They are tasked with creating the craziest and most destructive weapons possible. Of course weapons need to be tested and that is where the freestyle arena comes into action against both friends and strangers who happen to also be in the arena.

There are 50 weapon parts which players can use in their imaginative forged creations. An open-ended sandbox mode allows players to test out their ideas where they can also obliterate armies of bots that are fairly difficult after some recent retooling.

Forge and Fight! is available on PC now as an early access game on Steam for $19.99 USD. The game will exit early access with a full release on December 2 for $4.99 USD. Players who paid a higher price for Forge and Fight! during Early Access, are asked to refund their game through Steam and then repurchase the final game at the new lowered price.

More information about Forge and Fight! can be found by visiting the game’s website or joining the Flamebait Games Discord.

Forge and Fight! Full Release Date Announcement Trailer | Flamebait Games

Flamebait Games (@FlamebaitGames Twitter) is a small indie game studio based in Skövde, Sweden. Founded in 2016 the developer released its first project and award-winning title Passpartout: The Starving Artist in June 2017. Later the studio went on to released Verlet Swing in 2018 and is currently working Forge and Fight! with its early access release in September 2020.