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Embr Winter Update Adds New District

Muse Games and publisher Curve Digital are expanding their firefighting reach in Embr with the addition of a new district in the Winter Update. Since launch, Embr has had over 50 million views on YouTube according the game’s publisher. In addition one more major update is planned before the year’s end.

In the first update to the firefighting gig economy game, Embr had District 2 added that features a fresh office environment full of wealthier clients and big tippers. From packs of printer paper to coffee cups this new environment offers all sorts of different firefighting challenges as a gig employee of Respondr.

Along with the Embr Winter Update comes a new mini-campaign with additional levels. The Ice Acceleratr is a new revolutionary tool for the field that features rapid freezing technology and is versatile in its use. New Appbulance shirt and headgear lets one rescue clients faster and firmer for those extra tips.

Coming on December 18, 2020 is the Holiday Update. A new mini-campaign where players take a gig job for BoxBox delivery and cleanup. Players will quickly deliver boxes to clients and help them clean out their old cardboard using their unique skills acquired while working for Respondr.

The Holiday Update will include new truck cosmetics including a siren and horn. New gear drop features an appropriate holiday theme. Plus a new firefighting toy, the vacuum grenade, which pulls both fire and objects into a vacuum like implosion.

Embr is available in early access at the base price of $19.99 USD through Steam and Humble Bundle. In addition an Embr 2-Pack and Ember 4-Pack are available at larger discounts on Humble Bundle which provides additional copies for one’s friends. The game is also available on Google Stadia. More information about Embr can be found on the game’s website at

Embr – Winter Update Out Now | Curve Digital

Muse Games (@MuseGames Twitter) is an independent New York City based game development studio that is focused on co-op gameplay and AI. Their original game, Guns of Icarus, was released in 2010. The studio was a very early adopter of Unity and makes all of their games in Unity.

Curve Digital (@CurveDigital Twitter) is a leading publisher of games on PC and consoles. Founded in 2005 by Jason Perkins, the company is a British video game publisher based in London, England. Since 2013 the company has been working with game developers to bring their games to the global market with hits such as Dear Esther and Human: Fall Flat. The publisher has also won awards such as the Indie Games Publisher of the Year at the 2018 and 2019 MCV Awards.

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