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The Change Architect Release, Switch Port for Series

Far Few Giants is back with the third entry, The Change Architect, in The Sacrifices series that features a choice-driven protest simulator. This entry, similar to the previous two, is presented in a short narrative visual novel format.

In The Change Architect, players are put in director’s chair of an ongoing protest where they play the role of activist Jemima. Watching from above in a London apartment building, the player can send messages to the supporters on the ground. It is left up to the player to keep the protestors and other coordinators safe during a police maneuver, while not compromising the cause.

The Change Architect is our most ambitious story to date. Made over just the past month, it’s tied inextricably to real-world events such as the US election and the unrest we’ve seen across the UK and in Hong Kong.

Antony de Fault, Director of Far Few Giants

Like other entries in the series, this visual novel game will be free for a limited time on The other two entries, The Night Fisherman and The Outcast Lovers are still available for free on

With today’s announcement release of The Change Architect also comes news that the complete collection of The Sacrifices will be launching on the Nintendo Switch next year in 2021. The release will include a Director’s Cut of the series and insight into its making which will also be available on PC in 2021.

The Change Architect is available for free on for Windows and macOS for a limited time. This is the third entry of a seven part series known as The Sacrifices. For more information about The Sacrifices visit the collection’s page here.

The Change Architect Teaser | Far Few Giants

Far Few Giants (@farfewgiants Twitter) is a 2 person Belfast based development team, Chard (@animtree Twitter) and de Fault (@antony_de_fault Twitter), who have been a part of the freelance indie scene for many years. Now they are telling their own stories with their own games. Currently the studio is working on a 7 episode narrative journey, The Sacrifices Series, which is the team’s biggest development project to date.