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Spaceslingers Release Date Set for Next Week

Solo indie developer RefresherTowel is getting ready for next week’s release date for their gravity-based puzzle game Spaceslingers on Steam. Previously, the developer had released several titles on

In the era of space colonization the demand for goods allowed for the creation of Spamazon, a local intergalactic delivery company. Players are hired to help service the Core Quadrant. To get to destination planets one will be using celestial objects to slingshot themselves across space. Using the gravity potential of the various celestial bodies players will need to plan each route carefully or they might end up like the previous employee they replaced which was a spaghettified mess in a blackhole.

The ultimate goal is to get to the destination planet alive, intact, and in the least amount of time possible. Path planning is critical for success. From the right angle to the launch power players will need to figure these out to make sure they survive the trip and arrive at their delivery destination.

By mastering the art of warping spacetime in 2D, players will then achieve the fastest of delivery times. Perfecting one’s routes for each delivery will not only help them climb the leaderboard, but crown themself as the best interstellar delivery driver.

A built-in delivery editor gives player the chance to build their own delivery routes to challenge others to solve this puzzle.

Spaceslingers has a release date set for November 17, 2020 at 5 PM PST on Steam. Players can add the game now to their Steam wishlist. For more information about Spaceslingers visit the game’s website here or follow @spaceslingers on Twitter.

Spaceslingers Second Trailer | RefresherTowel

RefresherTowel is a solo indie developer from Cairns, Australia. In addition they do music and occasional writing. Previously, RefresherTowel released Bio-X, Bobblenauts and Laser Hair Surgery on Spaceslingers will be the developer’s first game released on the Steam platform.