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The Medium Delayed Until January 2021

Bloober Team announced today that after much thought and consideration, they have delayed the launch of The Medium until January 2021. Previously set to release on December 10 for PC, Xbox Series X and Series S, players will have to wait a little over another month to play the story-focused psychological horror game.

Known for their psychological horror games, the indie development studio went on to say that this was not an easy choice to make. The COVID-19 situation in Poland in addition to the schedule of games on the market both had a part in making this decision. Furthermore, the studio went on to say that the additional development time will allow for further polishing of the game to allow for the best gaming experience and the studio intends to continue sharing more information about the game.

For those unfamiliar with The Medium, the game is a third-person story driven horror title that follows a female psychic. Art direction in the game features a distinct and nightmarishly dark style that is inspired by Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński who is known for his dystopian surrealist work. The game takes place in both the real world and the spirit world. Both realities are rendered at the same time with no loading screens allowing players to fully immerse themselves into the eerie experience. A video was recently released by Bloober Team explaining how the dual-reality system works.

The Medium now has a January 28, 2021 release date on Steam for PC and the Xbox Series X/S. When released, the game will be priced at $49.99 USD. Players who order the game on Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store before January 28, 2021 will receive a 10% discount. In addition those who pre-order the game on Steam or Epic Games Store will also get The Medium original soundtrack, featuring a ‘dual’ score soundtrack by legendary composer Akira Yamaoka, of Silent Hill, and Bloober Team’s own Arkadiusz Reikowski, along with the digital artbook.

More information about The Medium can be found on the game’s website at, by following @TheMediumGame on Twitter or @the_medium_game on Instagram.

The Medium – How Dual-Reality System Works | Bloober Team

Bloober Team SA (@BlooberTeam Twitter) is an independent developer and producer of video games based in Kraków, Poland. Founded in 2008 by Peter Babieno and Peter Bielatowicz, the studio at first only did contract work. Over time a talented team was assembled and began to work on their own projects that include Layers of Fear>observer_ and Blair Witch.