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Surgeon Simulator 2 Clinical Trials

Bossa Studios is getting ready to kick off a week of physics-based surgery pandemonium, laughter, and prizes in the Clinical Trials update for Surgeon Simulator 2. From November 9 to November 13 players will have 5 days of 5 challenges with 5 ridiculous prizes.

Continuing the idea of global competitive in-game surgery seen on October 15, 2020 where real NHS doctors and staff competed via speed hear-transplants for charity, Bossa Studios decided to host new wacky challenge. In the Clinical Trials update for Surgeon Simulator 2 players or rather subjects will receive a new challenge each day for five days.

The five challenges are known, the Cash Grab, Hand Ball-oon, Super Sausage Shredder, Go The Limb-It, and Tower Shower. Each of these challenges are demonstrated in the Clinical Trials Update video released ahead of the event and viewable below.

Those who plan to participate in the event will need to be ready for random moments of hysterical laughter as the levels are all equally ridiculous. For the most skilled players there are some super sweet prizes up for grabs. Prizes include headsets, exclusive merchandise, official branded medals and the ultimate prize the grand trophy of a gold-finished bronze heart trophy. More information about the Clinical Trial update and competition can be found at

Surgeon Simulator 2 with the Clinical Trial update is available through the Epic Games Store on Windows PC for $24.99 USD. For more information about Surgeon Simulator 2 visit the game’s website at or follow @surgeonsim on Twitter.

Surgeon Simulator 2: Clinical Trials Update | Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios (@bossastudios Twitter) is a London based independent game developer and publisher. The BAFTA-winning studio is driven by original creativity, passion, and innovation. Previous titles released by the team include Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread and Monstermind.