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Die by the Blade Sword-Fighting Kickstarter

Developer Triple Hill Interactive and publisher Grindstone have announced that the Kickstarter for Toko Midori‘s one-hit-kill sword fighting game, Die by the Blade, is well underway. In fact the game after just a little over two weeks hit their initial funding goal with more content in the stretch goals.

We are so happy to have hit our initial Kickstarter funding target and would like to thank everyone who backed our campaign for Die by the Blade and for all the valuable information from the fans that have helped drive the ongoing development. With this funding, the team will be further adding to the gameplay experience with higher quality animation, expanded character roster and even more weapons.

Peter Nagy, Founder and CEO, Grindstone

Currently Die by the Blade is past the mid-way time period for their Kickstarter campaign that ends on November 13, 2020 at 10:59 AM PST. At the time of this article’s publishing the campaign has raised $22,193 of the initial $20,000 goal. In addition there are still some of the top backing reward spots available for new backers to grab and help shape the future of this sword fighting adventure.

We are excited that we can now expand on our development plans for Die by the Blade and the team would like to thank all of our backers for joining us on this great adventure. As well as adding in some truly exciting gameplay mechanics we can now open up the stretch goals where we can really elevate the game content further.

Peter Adamondy, Development Lead, Triple Hill Interactive

Stretch goals are now live on the Kickstarter page. The first goal if activated will be the addition of deadly ranged weapons to the arsenal of swords available to players. Each character will have a special ranged weapon that can be used once each round. Players would be able to block this ranged attack with their sword, however, timing would be critical for the effort to be successful.

The game draws inspiration from legendary combat games like Bushido Blade and Way of the Samurai. In the game players face a one-hit-kill sword fight where they will face off against deadly components. Players are able to choose their character, select their weapon and engage in 1 versus 1 combat. Only by mastering one’s craft in the fight to the death will one be successful as even the slightest mistake could seal one’s fate.

In addition to one-on-one matches players can participate in fast-paced brutally bloody multiplayer matches. Those looking for solo action can slice and slash their way through AI enemies in a single player campaign.

Music in Die by the Blade is provided by award-winning video game music composer Ari Pulkkinen. With over 20 years of professional music experience, Pulkkinen’s portfolio includes original music and audio for titles such as Angry Birds, Nex Machina, Resogun, Alienation, Super Stardust HD and the Trine series.

Die by the Blade is planned for a 2021 release on Steam. Interested players can add the game to their wishlist now on Steam. For more information about Die by the Blade visit the game’s website at or follow @dbtbgame on Twitter.

Die by the Blade Teaser Trailer | Grindstone

Triple Hill Interactive (@Triple_Hill Twitter) is a game development studio from Košice, Slovakia. The studio was founded in 2015 by Peter Adamond with a goal to bring innovative and high-quality projects to PC and console markets. Since the studio’s founding, they have released several games for the mobile market.

Grindstone (@grindstone_game Twitter) is a a video game publisher based in Slovakia. Founded by industry veteran Pete Nagy in 2015 the company has produced several titles and currently leads the growth in the regional game development ecosystem. Currently Grindstone aims to become a major global publishing and production company.