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Double Pug Switch Precision Platformer Digs Into Action

The Polygon Loft and aPriori Digital have set loose a pug named Otis in their 2D precision platformer called Double Pug Switch. Players get to control the cuddly cute Otis, loyal companion of the Professor, on his dimensional adventure along with a mischievous cat called Whiskers.

This is the debut title for the developer, The Polygon Loft, with development ongoing since 2018. The game made its first public appearance EGX 2018 and since then has undergone a major transformation in both gameplay and graphics along with expanded content including a new world. Later aPriori Digital joined the project to create and release console versions of Double Pug Switch on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Gameplay follows the Professor’s pug Otis as he is sucked into an alternate dimension after a lab accident that involved some Portal Fluids and the mischievous cat Whiskers. Players are challenged with 32 levels spread across 4 alternate dimensions of side-scrolling dimension switching mania. Fast reflexes and smart navigation are necessary as one jumps, hops, and dimension swaps their way through the levels.

As players chase down Whiskers the cat to save him from his evil wrongdoings, there are coins to grab and hats to collect. All the gathered gold coins can be spent in the hat shop. Special purple coins are hidden in each level which are used to buy the rarest hats. There are 40 uniquely wild hats to unlock including a cowboy hat, welders mask, T-rex head, and brain slug.

Levels are littered with power ups that shrink, launch, bounce and accelerate Otis through the level. Players can earn a perfect score without failing once on the given level. Each world offers its own challenges and obstacles with checkpoints incase something goes wrong. At the end of each world is the evil Whiskers in boss battles where he appears with a new contraption to challenge players.

Using inspiration from titles like Geometry Dash and Super Meat Boy, the game uses the lovable pug to trick players into thinking Double Pug Switch is an easy game. Don’t be fooled. The gameplay is difficult and even more difficult for those looking for players looking to get flawless level runs. While the game may be frustratingly challenging at times the reward in the end are all of the wildly awesome hats for Otis to wear during replays.

Double Pug Switch is available now on PC through Steam and for $8.99 USD. The game is also available on consoles for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and is available on mobile iOS and Android devices. More information about Double Pug Switch can be found on its website at

Double Pug Switch Release Trailer | The Polygon Loft

The Polygon Loft (@thepolygonloft Twitter) is a a game developer based in Bristol, United Kingdom. With over two decades of experience, the 2018 founded studio is comprised of developers with diverse backgrounds in cyber security, aerospace engineering and graphics programming. The studio’s members share a common love for creating engaging gaming experiences.

aPriori Digital (@aPrioriDigital Twitter) is a development studio based in Bristol, England. The studio focuses on both personal and contracted projects with a portfolio that incorporates a wide range of games that includes Aperion Cyberstorm, The Bradwell Conspiracy, Can Androids Pray and Double Pug Switch.