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Electioneering Simulates A Turn-Based Election

Indie developer and new game company Cosmo’s Tuxedo has released their the turn-based simulation, Electioneering, in early access on Steam. This is the Brooklyn based developer’s first game and is a sim based on the 2020 U.S. Election cycle with real world events.

This is a war of information and disinformation presented as a turn-based simulation of the 2020 U.S. election where the goal is to get the player’s candidate elected. Players get to show off their electioneering skills all in an effort to influence and steer voters towards their candidate. The game is full of shadow agents and realistic campaign events that work to shape the media and voter’s opinions of the candidates. Researching news topics, polling voters, and spying on opposing campaigns are just a handful of the tools a player can deploy to implement their strategy.

Each game of Electioneering is different as the simulation is based on up to 51,000 unique virtual voters. During the campaign there are dozens of events taken from the the real world that will challenge the candidates. From COVID-19 pandemic to the presidential impeachment hearings and more will affect both strategy and sway voters. All of these events can be used to one’s advantage by delivering ads, even twisted ones if necessary, to spin the news of the day in one’s favor.

During the early access phase a playable an advanced playable version of Electioneering is available. The game will continue to see improvement while at the same time gathering valuable feedback from the community. Many play features are planned for enhancement and addition that includes player suggestions, voter configuration, new dark web agents, additional music, and localization in several languages.

Electioneering is now available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux through Steam early access for $14.99 USD. For more information about the game visit or follow @ElectioneeringG on Twitter.

Electioneering Trailer | Cosmo’s Tuxedo

Cosmo’s Tuxedo is a new game development company based in Brooklyn, New York. The company has a strong interest in challenging the narrative of current events. Currently the studio is busy working on Electioneering, a voter simulation based on the real American political environment.