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Battle Jacked Tactical Battle Sim Hits Early Access

Indie developer Augmented Evolution and indie publisher Klick Ink today released their tactical battle simulation Battle Jacked on Steam early access. The game offers a whimsical take on the battlefield that puts the player in both the commander’s and combatant’s chair.

Presented as a single player experience players can create their own battles in simulation mode. For those who want instant action they can jump right into the same named mode. The game is designed to give players the freedom to experience battles as either a unit or a commander.

Both melee and ranged combat units are used in large team and team AI battles. Over 42 unique playable characters give players a wide range of play options for the the battlefield. Knights, goblins, cowboys and pirates are just a sample of the fighting units available.

During the early access phase players will have the opportunity to learn to fight, strategize and manipulate the simulation for battlefield advantages. The core of the game will not change between early access and full release however the volume of content will change. More instant action modes are planned to bring gameplay variety along with more factions and a variety of new characters. New features are planned for future updates and the developer values any community feedback during this early access period.

Battle Jacked is available in early access on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A special early access launch discount of 10% off runs until September 24, 2020. For more information about Battle Jacked visit the game’s website at or join the Battle Jacked Discord.

Welcome To Battle Jacked Early Access Trailer | Augmented Evolution

Augmented Evolution is an indie game development studio based in Indiana. The studio is led by Jacob Hertl and Battle Jacked is the their first title on Steam.

Klick Ink (@KlickInk Twitter) is an indie game development and publishing organization. Proudly based in the Arizona desert, Klick Ink is the brain child of Austin Farnsworth and is supported by Tyler Farnsworth, Adam Farnsworth, and Brittany Nguyen. The RPG Super Life was the company’s first game to be developed and published on Steam.