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Against the Storm Demo, First Trailer

Eremite Games is participating in the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase competition with a demo of their roguelite city builder Against the Storm. Alongside the demo’s release is the first gameplay trailer.

Set in a world where the rain never ceases, Against the Storm takes players on a fantasy roguelite city building adventure. Inhabiting the city are lizards, beavers and humans. All of which are the last species to survive the harsh and unforgiving conditions of the constant rain. Players have one task and that is to manage the varying needs of the city’s residents while keeping the Queen pleased.

We aim for the 70% city builder and 30% roguelite ratio. It’s a challenging task but we’re incorporating the feedback from players from both communities to make sure they get a fresh, unique experience.

Eremite Games

Main features of the game’s full release will focus on a city building core that is enhanced with roguelite replayability elements. There are three rain seasons that force constant shifts in strategy. All three races of the city have different needs and skill sets which the player will need to fulfill and utilize for success. As the city builds and grows long-forgotten technologies can be discovered and incorporated that will change up one’s playstyle.

The game qualified for the finals of the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase. During the competition players can download the demo for a limited time, watch the trailer and vote for the game in the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase competition until September 18, 2020.

Against the Storm will release on Steam and GOG in 2021. To play the demo for Against the Storm visit the game’s Steam page to explore the rain soaked world. In addition players can add the game to their wishlist now. For more information about the game follow @AtS_CityBuilder on Twitter or join the Against the Storm Discord.

Against the Storm – Gameplay Trailer – Digital Dragons | Eremite Games

Eremite Games (@EremiteGames Twitter) is a small indie game development studio based in Wrocław, Poland. The studio’s first title was the Android turn-based strategy game Shattered Plane that is set in a fantasy Slavic universe.