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Othercide Arrives on Nintendo Switch, New Dream Mode

The dark tactical RPG Othercide from Focus Home Interactive and Lightbulb alongside a partnership with 2Awesome Studio have ported the previously released game to the Nintendo Switch. In addition PC, Xbox, and PS4 players can checkout the first free content update that add the Dream Mode.

Nintendo Switch players can now take in all the action as they descend into humanity’s last hope. The Daughter, echoes of the greatest warrior to ever live, stand before Suffering and Death. As the battle against the dread creatures of the Suffering progresses players will make tough decisions that will shape the fates, abilities and personalities of their army of Daughters. Combat is a dance of spectacular actions and counters which require planning to outsmart both the common enemies and the epic bosses.

Bringing Othercide to Nintendo Switch was one of the biggest challenges for us as a studio. When Lightbulb Crew approached us about this possibility we weren’t sure if it was going to be possible. Othercide has a unique color scheme and visual style that requires the use of advanced volumetric lightning, fog effects, PBR reflections and even cloth and hair simulation. The challenge was not just bringing it to Switch but making sure it would be as faithful to the original vision as possible making it a great portable experience. I can say I am proud of the results of our team.

Alejandro Santiago, Co-Founder and Lead Developer, 2Awesome Studio

Previously released on PC, PS4 and Xbox, Othercide now offers its first free update. In the new Dream Mode players can fully enjoy the game’s campaign, story and lore through a more accessible challenge. In addition player’s can look forward to new and exciting game-play mechanics.

Othercide is now available on the Nintendo Switch through the Game Store for $39.99 USD. The game is also available on PS4 and Xbox. PC players can pickup the game on Steam or Humble Bundle for $34.99 USD. For more information about Othercide visit the game’s website at or follow @OthercideGame on Twitter.

Othercide – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer | Focus Home Interactive

Lightbulb Crew (@LightbulbCrew Twitter) is an indie development studio based in Paris and Stockholm. The 2013 founded studio is composed of talented and passionate individuals who are committed to innovating and delivering creative high-quality experiences to players. Currently the studio is focused on developing Othercide. Previously the studio released the top-down action team shooter Games of Glory in 2017.

Focus Home Interactive (@FocusHome Twitter) is a publisher based in Paris, France. The company is known for the quality, diversity, and originality of its game portfolio of published and distributed original titles across all major platforms, consoles, and PC.

2Awesome Studio (@2AwesomeStudio Twitter) is a Dutch independent game development studio composed of David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago. Both originally from Barcelona, Spain meet in 2006 while working at the European Space Agency as engineers. In 2009 they teamed up to and started sharing their passion for video game development with 2Awesome Studio coming into existence in 2013. Since the studio’s start they have worked on several projects including Dimension Drive, Inferno 2, Back to Bed, and Lost Wing.

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