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SHEEPO: Shape-Shifting Metroidvania Released on Steam

Solo indie game developer Kyle Thompson has released a shape-shifting metroidvania, SHEEPO, on Steam today. The pacifistic game allows players to shape-shift into any of the creatures they discover and collect. Unlike other games in the genre, Sheepo lacks standard combat and instead focuses on exploring, collecting, and transforming.

Working at an intergalactic species database, players become Sheepo on their first day of employment. Their first job duty is to visit the uncharted world of Planet Cebron. The goal is to save all the living creatures from extinction and it needs to be done in a day. Lucky for Sheepo, a day on this planet is equivalent to 8000 Earth days.

Players need to collect one sample from each creature they discover. From each sample Sheepo can then shape-shift into the creature and further explore the planet sprawling environment. Each creature has its own unique movement options and controls. Often players will find themselves switching between several creatures to reach difficult places.

Some of the strange creatures which players encounter can have interesting chats. Players can learn about their history or complete simple tasks to earn the local planet’s currency, feathers, which can be spent at the DeadMall. Most of the locals are friendly, but each species has a queen-like figure that will protect their eggs by any means. Boss battles let players collect new creatures by maneuvering past the species “queen” in 2D platformer fashion while being without the ability to attack. There are seven unique boss battles in the game.

The quirky single-player storyline is full of secrets and even offers a chance to save the planet. A unique and vibrant art style matches the story’s progression through various environments from lush forests and glowing caves to old shrines and abandoned malls. Along the journey players are treated with music by Eric Thompson, Kyle’s brother. SHEEPO runs on Windows PC at 1920 x 1080 resolution at a frame rate of 60FPS.

SHEEPO is available on Steam for PC at the price of $8.99 USD. A special launch release promotion runs until September 2, 2020 that discounts the game by 15%. More information about SHEEPO can be found on the game’s website at or by following @SheepoGame on Twitter.

SHEEPO Launch Trailer | Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson is a solo indie game developer based out of Portland, Oregon. His latest game, SHEEPO, features music created by his brother Eric Thompson.