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Train Sim World 2 Has Arrived on PC and Consoles

Dovetail Games has arrived with a new entry in the simulation genre with Train Sim World 2 arriving today on PC and consoles. The title is an advanced sequel to Train Sim World 2020 and for players who own the game they will be able to bring their existing Add-On collection to Train Sim World 2.

Several different routes and trains are available to challenge players. For example players can journey along the Köln – Aachen high-speed rail line in the famous electric white and red striped DB ICE 3M. If passenger trains are too easy, players can take a long haul freight across the Sand Patch Grade in the Northeastern United States using an iconic diesel CSX AC4400CW.

Players can customize the way they play the game with a set of completely new creative tools. Each locomotive can be personalized with the Livery Designer. Colors can be changed and shapes can be used to build unique paint schemes.

A Scenario Planner allows players to drive what they want where they want. Players just select a path and create their own service and populate the route with authentic stock to complete rail experience. This feature for example gives players a chance to see what it is like to relaxingly drive a German electric train in the mountains of the United States.

Train Sim World 2 is the evolution of train simulation and I couldn’t be more proud of our team of incredible railfans who have made the dream of driving trains on a living breathing railway an authentic reality. We’ve got huge releases planned for the future; Train Sim World 2 is just the start.

Paul Jackson, Founder and CEO, Dovetail Games

The game is powered by the Unreal Engine and the SimuGraph Vehicle Dynamics Engine. Developed by Dovetail Games, SimuGraph is a powerful visual modeling and simulation framework. A newly upgraded SimuGraph in this sim features brand-new realistic adhesion physics. This addition changes the way one plays on steep grades. Weight and weather conditions will affect control and breaking of the locomotive.

Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam for Windows PC. Priced at $29.99 USD the game is also available on the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. More information about the game can found at or by following @trainsimworld on Twitter.

Train Sim World 2 Release Trailer | Dovetail Games

Dovetail Games (@dovetailgames Twitter) is a UK based developer and self publisher of train, flight and fishing simulation games. Previously under the banner of Ltd the 2009 founded company became Dovetail Games in 2013 and now develops games for PC and leading consoles.