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Astroneer Automation Update 002 Now Live

System Era Softworks has dropped a sequel to the Astroneer Automation Update with Automation Update 002 that adds even more items and functionality. This update includes new platforms, new switches and updated modules allowing for more automation.

Life in this open world space sandbox exploration game is about to get a whole lot easier by making things a bit more complicated. Expanding upon the first Automation Update players will immediately notice the new logic items: Power Switch, Count Repeater, Delay Repeater and Motion Sensors.

Power switches toggle the power flow through a single line. This small printer item will allow players to conserve and redirect their power use in those critical base builds. The Count Repeater, when activated a specific number of times will then activate any targeted items. Similarly the Delay Repeater does the same, but with a specified delay.

Motion Sensors are a part of the many new platforms that sense when a player or vehicle passes through them. The Medium Sensor Arch, XL Sensor Hoop A, and XL Sensor Hoop B can be printed on large printers for varying costs of Quartz and Zinc. Previous sensor platforms have been updated to work similar to the new platforms.

In the previous update new storage canisters allowed for better storage options of solid materials. Now this feature has expanded to gases with the Medium Gas Canister. Like the solid material counterparts these canisters will hold a large amount of a single type of atmospheric resource. These canisters can be printed on the small printer for 1 Silicone and 1 Glass and only costs 2000 Bytes to research.

Most production modules can now be set to repeat a function through their control panels. When repeat is set to be on, the module will produce the current selected recipe as long as the device has materials and power. Modules with this new behavior include: Small Printer, Medium Printer, Large Printer, Soil Centrifuge, Chemistry Lab, and Atmospheric Condenser.

Sensor and repeater setups are now easier to visualize with an improved UI. Targeting items with a target pin, storage sensor or battery sensor will now outline all items affected and not just the directly targeted item. Segment cables will now show their activation flow when highlighted and which segments will be affected by removing a segment pin. In addition segment pins can no longer be placed when a segment is too long to prevent accidental deletions.

EXO Outfitters has been busy with designs. A new mid-summer fashion look is available in the limited time Flower Power bundle. The offer features an earthenware palette, a solar power mask and the Avant Gardener hat giving that beautiful sunflower look. A brand new Scout Suit is available for those looking to get a leg up on new space fashion trends. In addition there are several new emotes, hats, masks, and palettes available in the store letting one show off their looks to fellow Astroneers in multiplayer.

Several items have been renamed. Auto-arm settings can now be toggled even when unpowered. Resource canisters will complete partial resources in output slot. Players are now able to rotate their Astroneer in the customization menu and EXO Outfitters menu. A full list of changes and bug fixes in the Automation Update 002 can be found here.

Astroneer is currently available on Humble Bundle or Steam for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for $29.99 USD. For more information about Astroneer visit the game’s website at or follow @astroneergame on Twitter.

Astroneer Automation Update 002 Trailer | System Era

System Era Softworks (@SES_dev Twitter) is an independent game development studio based out of Seattle, Washington. Inspired by space-exploration and possessing an optimistic view of space-age futurism, the System Era Softworks team strives to build games that motivate future generations of spacefarers.

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