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Godhood Exits Early Access with New Features

The deep deity management game, Godhood, from Dutch indie developer Abbey Games that allows players to create and run their own religion exited early access today. Players can now enjoy the full launch after a year-long early access period that saw seven major updates with new content, features, and mechanics. Plus there is a new trailer (below) that celebrates the 1.0 launch of Godhood.

During the year-long early access period the developer took the time to incorporate community feedback into its vision of a unique strategy game. Unlike other games where one could simply throw lightning bolts at their worshipers to influence them, Godhood takes a whole different approach with indirect actions. This more subtle approach allows for a deep complexity where players can influence their worshipers through dreams, practices, shrines and beliefs.

When we launched Godhood in Early Access, it had a bit of an identity crisis. Development was a challenge, and we definitely hit some snags along the way, including having to downsize our studio. With a skeleton crew and copious amount of faith, we grew Godhood into what we wanted it to be: a niche, but entirely original religion management game. We want to thank all the tireless players who kept coming back update after update, supporting us with their constructive feedback!

Manuel Kerssemakers, Co-founder, Abbey Games

In Godhood, players begin as a simple deity in the 2.5D game world. From the start players get to create and shape their own religion from scratch by choosing from over 50 tenets and 25 traditions that worshipers will follow. Commandments help guide the religions focus and playstyle. For example Madness and Greed offer sect-like options while Generosity creates a heartwarming and kind environment.

To keep followers happy players will want to build temples and cities. Disciples can be recruited and sent into turn-based ritual combat, Sacraments, against the heretics. The power of Disciples can be boosted in various tactical means such as visiting them in their dreams.

A vast new campaign gives players between three and nine hours of playtime with each run. The feature is replayable with multiple islands with themed opponents that have to be converted to the player’s religion.

Godhood is now available in full launch on Steam and GOG for Windows, Mac, and Linux at the regular price of $26.99 USD. A special release promotion runs until August 18, 2020 that knocks 20% off the regular price. More information about Goodhood can be found on the Abbey Games community forum page for Godhood.

Godhood Release Trailer | Abbey Games

Abbey Games (@AbbeyGamesNL Twitter) is an independent games studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 the studio is dedicated to making management games for hardcore strategists, whimsical storytellers, and newcomers to the genre. The studio’s first title Reus was released in May 2013 with over 1 million copies sold with their second title Renowned Explorers released in 2015 that features frequent subsequent expansion packs.