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Hellbound is a Classic 90s Style FPS Against Evil

Indie Argentinian developer Saibot Studios and their partner Nimble Giant have released their classic 90s style FPS Hellbound on Steam. The game is a deliciously brutal throwback to classic first-person shooters that launched all out assaults against evil.

The passionate and ambitious Latin American teams at Saibot Studios and Nimble Giant Entertainment have managed to accomplish a lot and we couldn’t be more proud of the result, in what is our first release as a publisher.

Nicolas Maier, CTO, Nimble Giant Entertainment

Players become a massive brute, voice by Artie Widgery, known as Hellgore. Their task is to effectively clear out Hell which once was a sacred place but now infested with unspeakable evils. Hellbound takes inspiration from FPS classics like 1993’s DOOM and 1996’s Quake where players load up on a ton of awesome weaponry and power-ups to violently tear through evil while the kills rack up.

Unlike classic FPS games that featured low-poly graphics and less detailed texture maps, Hellbound brings that throwback carnage in high-resolution gameplay while still keeping that nostalgic feeling. The fast-paced action is continuous as the demons are relentless and the weapon selection is intense with five different heavy weapons. Just check out the Triple Shotgun for example.

With any classic FPS there was always that hard hitting soundtrack to accompany the evil shredding awesomeness and Hellbound is no different. A soundtrack composed by David Levill, Federico Ágreda “Zardonic” and Christian Fernando Perucchi follows players as they drill through 7 campaign levels, 4 survival arenas, and 8 classes of enemies. Also there are several secrets to discover.

After our successful Kickstarter campaign and Survival Mode over two years ago, we’re so excited to finally open up the gates of Hell to fans of old school FPS games and straight-up carnage. We can’t wait to watch the blood drip from Hellgore’s hands as gamers demolish demons to their hearts’ content.

Tobias Rusjan, Saibot Studios

Hellbound is available now on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A special launch promotion that discounts the game by 20% runs until August 11, 2020. The game can also be bought as a part of the Nimble Giant Bundle that includes Quantum League for $17.58 USD with all sale discounts included. More information about Hellbound can be found on the game’s website at or follow @HellboundGame on Twitter.

Hellbound Launch Trailer | Nimble Giant Entertainment

Saibot Studios (@SaibotStudios Twitter) is an independent studio based in Argentina. The team brings a volume of knowledge and experience to their projects that includes game development, art, design, and music composition. Other titles from the studio includes the Doorway series.

Nimble Giant Entertainment (@NimbleGiantEnt Twitter) is an independent game developer and publisher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2002, the company, formerly known as NGD Studios, is one of the leading game development studios in Latin America. The studio’s first release, Champions of Regnum, was the first commercial MMORPG made in the region. Recently the studio published Quantum League.