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Merchant of the Skies on Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

Coldwild Games is excited to bring their casually cozy trading simulator of the clouds, Merchant of the Skies to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles. The Latvian game developer has released the console versions exactly one year after the early access release on PC with the game later entering full release in April of this year.

Containing all the features of the PC version, including the 8-10 hour campaign and sandbox modes, the game is getting a never-seen-before addition. A brand new music battle with a giant octopus has been added.

Players venturing into the game for the first time will start off with a small ship. From there they can partake in trades and quests all the while gaining more wealth. Islands floating in the sky can be purchased for the right price and players can even establish their own company there. Advanced resources can be produced. These goods can be used to restore the lighthouse or feed the fish god.

The game combines base-building and trade sim management into a casual and relaxing experience. Players are allowed to pursue their own desires and goals in game. Some may chose to explore the world while others may want to establish bases and logistics through caravan routes. Plus, if one ever wants to just kick back they can build their own mansion in which they can kickback and chill.

Merchant of the Skies is now available on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles for $14.99 USD. Additionally, Merchant of the Skies is also available on PC through Steam or Humble Bundle for $14.99 USD for Windows, OSX, and Linux. For the latest information about Merchant of the Skies players can visit the game’s website at

Merchant of the Skies Launch Trailer | Coldwild Games

Coldwild Games (@ColdwildGames Twitter) is based out of Riga, Latvia. The studio was founded in April 2016 with Vladimir Slav and Helen Nazarenko where they worked on a few projects most notable Frequent Flyer. In 2017 the studio worked on Lazy Galaxy where Mihail Bekhren briefly joined the team for the project. At the beginning of 2019 the studio started a monthly report video update which also includes previews of new work and other fun behind the scenes information.

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