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TOXICANT – Early Access Rogue-lite Survival Horror Action

Indie developer Cosmocat Games has unleashed their rogue-lite sinister twist on survival horror genre with TOXICANT as it dives into early access. A special release party was streamed live that included gameplay, early access plans, and some game keys.

Featuring randomized levels and roguelike elements players will be treated to an underground labyrinth. Each twist and turn in these mines present dangers and threats to the player with toxic waste, scenes of gore, and various things that want to eat the player’s face such as radioactive rats.

Traversing the levels players have access to aids such as compasses, maps and beacons. The MonPro 2000 aids in navigating the mines and keeping the player alive. Miner’s notes and secret documents are scattered everywhere that tells the story of the conspiracy and fallout of the events that transpired in these tunnels.

Learning to salvage everything is important to survival. Food sources are scarce and when hunger sets in expired canned food, toxic mushrooms and rancid wine becomes a meal of luxury. Weapons are very useful against the various enemy threats so that old mining equipment has a use. If all else fails a board will nails will suffice.

A TOXICANT release party was held in the early afternoon on the launch day where Adam “Snug” McLellan of Cosmocat Games played the game on Twitch with highlights available. In addition he answered some questions, but the big talking point were plans for the game during its early access phase which included some handy visuals. McLellan hopes to get the plans linked on the Steam page at some point in the future. As an added bonus those that some who were watching was able to snag one of three copies of the game that was given away on the Cosmocat Discord.

Early access for TOXICANT is expected to last approximately six months. During this time period player feedback will be used to help shape the final game experience.

TOXICANT is available as an early access game on Steam and for Windows PC at a price of $9.99 USD. For more information about TOXICANT visit its game page here.

TOXICANT Early Access Trailer | Cosmocat Games

Cosmocat Games (@cosmocatgames Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Nova Scotia, Canada. The 2014 founded studio is led by Adam “Snug” McLellan who is a veteran of the IT with over twenty years who became an independent game developer, musicians and sound designer.