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Paws and Soul Spiritual Exploration Adventure on Steam

Arkuda Inc., ElectroStalin Entertainment, and Games Operators is giving players a spiritual exploration adventure in Paws and Soul now out on Steam. Previously the Paws and Soul: First Step demo was released last June as a free to play that introduced the mystery of reincarnation, rebirth, and karma.

The game is presented as a relaxing third-person single player journey to explore the concepts of rebirth and reincarnation. Players are exposed to and become familiar with the Buddhist ideas of rebirth and karma. A magical fairytale like forest filled with glowing mushrooms, totems, and runes give players room to explore and look for clues about who they once were when they were human. Now as a wolf, a new mystery unfolds in an immersive and meditative atmospheric experience while exploring the connection between wolf and man.

In addition the Paws and Soul: First Step is still available to play. The demo sets up players as a reborn wolf who were once a human. Players can then experience an intro to the thought provoking story that allows them to discover their wolf’s human past and what had happened before they became a wolf.

Paws and Soul is available now on Windows PC through Steam at a price of $11.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until July 23, 2020 that discounts the game by 10%. In addition the Paws and Soul: First Step demo is available for free to play.

Games Operators (@GamesOperators Twitter) is a Warsaw, Poland based publishing company that invests, releases, and promotes video games while offering help with the development of innovative and unique titles. Provided by their internal development team, Jutsu Games, Games Operators offer technical and conceptual consultations for entire teams to individual creators.

Arkuda Inc. is an indie game developer that is currently working on two other projects Life on the Hook and Mikes Goes on Hike. Life on the Hook is a story about a man who lives in his memories forgetting about the present as his time is coming to and end. Mike Goes on Hike is a hiking adventure with realistic landscapes and sounds waiting to be discovered.

ElectroStalin Entertainment is an indie game development studio based out of Elektrostal, Russia. The studio takes pride in making beautiful atmospheric smart games that are of great quality. Besides working on Mike Goes on Hike the studio has previously released Outside, Not My Day! and Typical Nightmare on Steam.