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TOXICANT Rogue-lite Early Access Release Date

Cosmocat Games is getting ready to drop their upcoming rogue-lite survival horror game TOXICANT into early access now that a release date has been set. In addition when the July early access hits a special release party will take place on Twitch.

Taking various roguelike elements along with randomized levels, TOXICANT delivers a very sinister twist on the survival horror genre. The game, formerly titled Undermine, sends players into increasingly difficult levels. Along the way they can upgrade their stats and gear.

Deep in the mines everything is useful. Items like compasses, maps, beacons, and the MonPro 2000 for vitals will help one find their way in navigating the mine labyrinth. Miner’s notes and various other documents will help shed light on the what happened.

But the biggest thing is survival. Expired canned food, rancid wine and toxic mushrooms are just a few sources of nourishment one will find to keep alive. Weapons and shields are useful too and old mining equipment will do the trick. Of course in the worst of situations a board with a nail is better than nothing against the former miners and other radioactive creatures.

The game features gamepad support for those who prefer controllers over keyboard and mouse. Volumetric lighting in the game adds to the environmental experience. Multiple play styles including pacifist are supported.

A TOXICANT release party is planned, event link here, where Adam of Cosmocat Games will be playing the game on Twitch. In addition he will be answering any questions and talking about plans for the game during its early access phase. Plus those that are watching might be able to snag one of the few copies of the game that will be given away.

TOXICANT is heading to early access on Steam and with a Friday July 24, 2020 release date. For more information about TOXICANT visit its game page here.

TOXICANT Early Access Trailer | Cosmocat Games

Cosmocat Games (@cosmocatgames Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Nova Scotia, Canada. The 2014 founded studio is led by Adam “Snug” McLellan who is a veteran of the IT with over twenty years who became an independent game developer, musicians and sound designer.