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Terraforming Earth Turret Trouble Update

Indie game studio Lost Robots has released the third major update, Turret Trouble, to their roguelike puzzle platformer Terraforming Earth. This update adds plasma-spewing enemies that require a different tactic to combat.

All of the wondrous robots working to save humanity now face off against new challenges in the Turret Trouble update. There are enemies that blast plasma everywhere. This creates a problem as they cannot be directly fought. Planning is key to having all the robots reach their objectives safely.

In the update, 20 new obstacle configurations have been added to the current 90 existing types. This raises the number of unique Terraforming Earth levels to rough ten to the eight-first power. Or in other words, roughly the same or slightly more than the number of atoms in the observable universe.

Turrets come in two flavors, stationary and mobile. This adds new degrees of difficulty to levels making it hard for the robots to reach their goal in one piece. At the same time, these super annoying turrets can be used to solve certain challenges. Similar to how drones can be used to fly over things, turrets can be used for something equally useful.

Several quality of life improvements have made their way into this update. The controls have been tweaked to make the Opi and Spiri more fun to drive. Gamepad users should notice general improvements.

A brand new intro sequence will help new players learn how to use the Factory and the Mission Control screens. New players now have their first three missions selected by hand to give them time to become familiar with the controls before really diving into the procedurally generated pool of missions.

Players who go at the world solo will rejoice with the addition of cloaking devices. When a robot is standing still they are now protected by cloaking devices. No longer is there the need to carefully park the robots before switching to another allowing more thought going towards solving the puzzles.

This is the third update for Terraforming Earth since it launched into early access last January. Shortly after the first major update titled Drone Danger was released followed by the Environment update in May.

Terraforming Earth with the current Turret Trouble update is available on Steam. The game is available for $14.99 USD for Windows or Mac. A 20% discount special promotion runs until June 22, 2020. Players may also purchase the game at

For more information about Terraforming Earth visit the game’s website at or join the official Terraforming Earth Discord. A playlist of various Terraforming Earth Devstreams are available on YouTube.

Terraforming Earth – DLC 3: Turret Trouble Trailer | Lost Robots – Andras Csibi

Lost Robots is a game development studio based in Budapest, Hungary. The studio was founded in 2018 by Andras Csibi (@Andrasforming Twitter), Csaba Kálmán and Lóci Alvégi. Terraforming Earth is the Lost Robots’ first commercial title and is being self-published by the studio.