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Barn Finders Release Finds Way to PCs

Duality Games is setting players loose on their search for old barns with valuable items for their trade business in Barn Finders. The game is being published with help from PlayWay and in China with HeartBeat Games.

Players are taken to the fictional country of Ammeryka where they take on the role of a trader. Their family store is filled with items found in abandoned barns, sheds, and other locations throughout the game. To become and stay as a thriving business one will always need to be gaining new customers and acquiring new items that they can repair and sell for a profit.

Some places in game will only be accessible through blind auctions. Buyers should be aware that the competition is brutal and unforgiving. Locations for these auctions will be very unique from old military bases to super-secret bases and everything in between. Bidding on them does come with risks as there could be all the treasures in the world or absolutely nothing.

There are a total of twelve areas in the single player simulation where players can search for new items for their store. All items in the store are prepared for market by the player. The MIKKO workshop aids the player in cleaning, repairing, and assembling broken and old items before putting them up for sale in their shop. An upgrade system allows players to expand their store and allow them to become the number one Barn Finder trader.

Barn Finders is available on Steam for Windows PC. The game is priced at $19.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until July 9, 2020 that discounts the game by 15% to only $16.99 USD. For more information about Barn Finders visit the game’s page on the developer’s website site here.

Barn Finders Release Trailer | Duality Games

Duality Games is an independent video game developer based in Warsaw, Poland. The studio was founded in 2017 with a team that consists of industry veterans. With a goal to satisfy many different groups of gamers, the studio since 2019 has been working on several different projects each with a different style and genre. In 2020, the studio launched its own publishing department.

PlayWay S.A. (@Play_Way Twitter) is the second largest producer and publisher of video games in Poland and one of the top in Europe. Founded in 2011 by Krzysztof Kostowski with a goal to build games for all platforms, the company since has released over 70 games for the world marketplace.