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Clash: Mutants vs Pirates MOBA Coming Next Week

Indie development studio NewGen announced today that their upcoming third-person MOBA Clash: Mutants vs Pirates will enter early access next week. The game, also called Clash MVP, is pitting gun wielding space pirates against magical mutants.

Clash MVP blends elements of both sci-fi and fantasy genres creating 8 distinct champions. When choosing between mutant or pirate, there are also three roles to choose from that features tanks, damage dealers, and healers. Each champion has unique abilities that can be unleashed to turn the tide of battle.

Players can queue up solo, with friends, or create custom 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 matches. Abilities can be enhanced with a number of items available in each match. Minion control is critical for strategic gameplay and success. Powerful tower defenses or machines guns can be used to fight back enemy onslaughts.

There are two different game modes in Clash MVP: deathmatch and Kinvader. The standard deathmatch feature teams that go head to head in deadly combat with the team reaching 40 kills first is declared victor. In the strategic Kinvader mode, teams are challenged to maneuver the battlefield with care while capturing control points and strategically relocating the team’s Kinvader.

Packs are available to pre-order. There are three different bundles to choose from that give players a founder’s badge, loading screens, exclusive avatars, emotes, titles, and sprays plus some in-game currency orbs. Players can also pre-purchase orb bundles that can later be redeemed for skins, emotes, sprays, music, titles, avatars, and more.

Clash: Mutants vs Pirates will enter on Steam as an early access title on June 12, 2020. Players can pre-order their pack of choice now on the game’s website here. The game when it arrives on PC will be free-to-play. More information about Clash MVP can be found on the game’s official site here or on the game’s Discord.

Clash: Mutants vs Pirates Early Access Trailer | NewGen Studio

NewGen (@newgen_studio Twitter) is a Tunisia based indie game studio. Founded in 2016, the studio has produced over 30 award nominated VR and AR apps and games. The studio’s first PC title, City Monsters, was released in April 2020.