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Against the Storm Roguelite City Builder Announced

The Poland-based indie developer, Eremite Games, has announced their first PC game, a roguelite city builder simulation, Against the Storm. Set to release in 2021, Against the Storm is the second game from the indie studio.

An everlasting rain plagues and torments the fantasy world of Against the Storm. Players are tasked with settling the unknown and untamed wilds. By discovering and rebuilding the ruins, players can create a settlement that thrives.

Each city contains three races: beavers, lizards, and humans. All three races have diverse needs and unique skillsets. At the core of the game is city building designed around roguelite replayability.

There are three rain seasons which will constantly challenge a players strategy and force changes. While managing the city’s three races and growing borders, players will need to build strategically to survive the harsh weather conditions. As one expands, long-forgotten technologies await discovery that can be incorporated into one’s strategy and influence gameplay.

By implementing roguelite features, we want to offer the city builder community a brand new experience. Mixing two distant genres is challenging so we want to involve the community in the open development process.

Michał Ogłoziński, Founder, Eremite Games

Against the Storm is planned to release in 2021. Players can currently add the game to their wishlist on the game’s Steam page.

Eremite Games (@EremiteGames Twitter) is a polish indie game developer based in Wrocław. The studio was founded in 2017. Previously the studio released their first title Shattered Plane, a turn-based Slavic themed fantasy strategy game on Android.