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Maneater Jumps into Launch Action on PC and Consoles

Tripwire Interactive along with their retail partner Deep Silver are taking a giant bite into both PC and consoles with the launch release of Maneater. This is the first open-world action-RPG or better known as the self-described ShARkPG where players are the shark.

Starting as a small bull shark pup, in the single player open-world one becomes one with the shark. Survival is everything as the world is a dangerous place. The easiest way to survive is to eat one’s way through the ecosystem.

Diverse enemies lurk everywhere in the world. Humans and other wildlife are a constant threat. Finding the right resources allows one to grow and even evolve. Players can tailor their shark to fit their playstyle. So if revenge on cruel fisherman that attacked the player is on the agenda, then all one needs to do is explore, eat, and evolve.

Since we first revealed Maneater at E3 2018, we have been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive interest and support from our fans. We’re beyond excited that today, players will finally be able to sink their teeth into the very first open-world, action-RPG where you play as a shark!

John Gibson, CEO and Co-owner of Tripwire Interactive

The game features a full narrative unique story-based campaign. It features a narration by Chris Parnell and done against the backdrop of a reality show. As one eats and consumes nutrients they can unlock and equip various evolution that enhance and improve their shark while progressing through the campaign.

Everywhere is available for exploration in this open-world. There are seven large regions that includes bayous of the gulf coast, resort beaches, industrial docks, and the open ocean. All of the world is alive and there is a full day and night cycle too.

Included in Maneater is support for Nvidia Ansel. Players, with Ansel, can capture in-game HDR shots and view them in 360.

Maneater is an Epic Games Store exclusive for PC and is available at the price of $39.99 USD. Players pick-up Maneater on the Humble Bundle platform that provides an Epic Games key. Maneater is also available on the Xbox One and PS4 consoles with a Nintendo Switch release later this year. For more information on Maneater visit the game’s site at

Maneater Official Launch Trailer | Tripwire Interactive

Tripwire Interactive (@TripwireInt Twitter) based out of Roswell, Georgia started off by making the Red Orchestra mod that won the “Make Something Unreal” competition in 2004. Since then the studio has won numerous Multiplayer and FPS Game of the Year awards from top editorial sites with millions having played a Red Orchestra or Killing Floor game, with an average play time of over 40 hours, per player, per game.

Deep Silver (@deepsilver Twitter) develops and distributes interactive games for all platforms as the publishing division of German multinational corporation Koch Media based in Planegg, Germany. Founded in 2002, Deep Silver has published more than 200 games.

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