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An Egg Can Dream on Steam

Floor Chicken, an Australian indie game developer, rolled out onto Steam today their 3D egg platformer, An Egg Can Dream. Players can roll around, scramble things up, and try not to crack as they help this egg live out its dream.

In the game, players take control of an egg who has a dream. Or rather many dreams and of those reuniting with they family they love is the top priority. Nothing will stand in the way of this egg to be with them once more. Even if that journey requires impossible leaps, daring jumps, and a face off against the devil himself.

To complete the quest set forth before this egg, players will control the egg and roll their way through various levels. Humongous leaps across shelves, counters and other platforms are necessary, but players will need to be cautious and careful. Every jump, every bump takes toll on their egg. Visible cracks will show how close the egg is to breaking. Once an egg cracks its dream doesn’t become a nightmare, it becomes nothing.

Goals, dreams, desires and the will to scramble across the world is all this egg has to live for. Now it is up to players to make it happen. The only question is will players crack under the pressure?

An Egg Can Dream is now available on Steam for Windows PC at the price of $9.99 USD. A special promotion runs until May 26, 2020 discounting the game down by 10% to $8.99 USD. For more information about An Egg Can Dream, visit the game developer’s website at or join the Floor Chicken Official Discord.

An Egg Can Dream Gameplay Trailer | Floor Chicken

Floor Chicken (@TheFloorChicken Twitter) is a video game developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2017, the studio saw their first release in December 2017, Shit Storm along with Focus both following in 2018 and It’s A Racing Game in 2019. The studio is comprised of a small group of friends and family who work to create new gaming experience with their own unique humor.