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VECTORLORD Hosts Neon Laser Rave Shooter on Steam

Indie Canadian game developer NerveQuake Software thinks it is time to party like it is 1990-something on Steam with in the neon rave twin-stick shooter VECTORLORD. This is the studio’s debut title which features a classic pixel DOS aesthetic both in body and soul.

Offering challenging and thrillingly intense arcade shooter moments, VECTORLORD spices things up with some modern twists and surprises in an endless bullet hell. On a quest to save the digital realm from the all-consuming Infectophage, players will blaster, shoot, and obliterate loads of energetic enemies.

On this most excellent journey players will need to manage their resources. Every resource has a finite supply so money, smart-bombs, power-ups and even lives will need to be used wisely. When a player runs out of lives, game over takes on a whole new meaning as it is game over for that entire save file. Lost lives can be recovered by means of a Dark Souls-inspired dash back to where one previously perished.

There are over 20 levels where players can shoot, punch, totem-warp, dash, dodge, kick, and void-swim their way to victory over the Infectophage. Weapon spheres can be combined to form 20 unique weapons. Each weapon has their own strength and tactic. Collected Deltas can be used to unlock ways through the non-linear world map where levels disappear as the game progresses.

Past levels can be replayed to gather resources, but be warned that enemies grow stronger on each new playthrough. For players looking at an easier gameplay there are multiple difficulty modes, while arcade gods can turn it up. Photosensitive players can rejoice as there is a panel with visual accessibility options too.

A full player manual is available online here that features a classic DOS game text file format with ASCII title art.

VECTORLORD is available today on Steam for Windows PC. A special launch promotion runs until May 25, 2020 that reduces the regular $9.99 USD price down to $8.99 USD. For more information about VECTORLORD visit the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

VECTORLORD Release Date Trailer | NerveQuake Software

NerveQuake Software (@NQSoftwareInc Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded by a self-described dynamic duo in 2019, the studio believes that building games and their technology from scratch is the best way to create unique and compelling game titles. VECTORLORD is the studio’s first release.