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KnockOut Party Early Access Arena Fighting Fun

Indie developer Toxic Studio is punching, kicking and fighting its way into early access on Steam with the arena fighter KnockOut Party. The physics-based gameplay features up to 4 players in online battles.

There is no story, no reason or no rhyme to the madness that is the beat’em up that is KnockOut Party. It’s just 4 players in an all out battle to hilariously knockout your opponents using weapons, game objects or your fists. From friends to random players around the globe one can get their fill of arena fighting.

Fake Death is a feature that allows players to pretend that they are dead. This ability also allows one to overcome obstacles in a non-standard manner and utilize a shortcut. All of the gameplay is physics based. Levels contain interactable physical objects which allow for unique situations to arise.

The game features a wide and diverse range of weapons for both melee and throwing. So grab a barrel, an ax, a baseball bat, an oar, or even a banana and chuck it at your opponents. A various array of maps featuring low-poly art styling are available with different themes to provide unique and entertaining environments for battle.

During early access the developer plans to add new content to the game that includes more maps, weapons, new game mechanics and making adjustments provided by community feedback. The developers plan to implement a bot system to allow players to enjoy the game when playing alone.

KnockOut Party is available now on Steam as an early access game. Priced at $6.99 USD, players can save 10% if they purchase the game before May 22, 2020. For more information about KnockOut Party visit the game’s Steam page here, follow the developer @TheToxicStudio on Twitter or join the Toxic Studio Discord.

KnockOut Party Early Access Trailer | Toxic Studio

Toxic Studio (@TheToxicStudio Twitter) is a small indie game developer based in Ukraine that consists of a two person team. KnockOut Party is the developer’s second title on Steam with eBall, an old-school arena shooter, that was released in May 2019.